Antique Eye

Antique Eye tutorial sample image

Things you will need for this tutorial:
Redfield’s Jama 3d filter
Eye Candy 3
Tube and Font of your choice.

Open up a new 400×400 Transparent Image & your tube.

Copy and Paste your tube as a new layer.

Go to Image > Resize using these settings;
75%, Bicubic Resample, All Layers unchecked.

Duplicate this layer, re-name the duplicated layer “Tube” then X out to make it invisible.
Activate “Raster 2”.

Go to Effects > Plugins > Neology > Polar Waves
Angle Cylcle = 5
Magnitude Cycle = 178
Angle Amplitude = 16
Magnitude Amplitude = 6
You may have to play around with the settings

Now go to Effects > Distortion Effects > Twirl
Settings: 720

Duplicate this layer, go to Image > Mirror. Line up this layer so that the centre of the eye is on top of the other eye.

Merge Visible.

Go to Effects > Reflection Effects > Rotating Mirror
Settings: Horizontal Offset = 0%, Angle = 90, Edge Mode = Reflect

Go to Effects > Plugins > Redfield > Jama 3D
Settings: Dance Floor Default

Add a drop shadow
Settings: V & H = -1, Opacity = 90, Blur = 4.9, Color = Black

Duplicate Layer
Go to Image > Rotate > Free Rotate > 90°
Direction doesn’t matter so long as only direction and 90° are checked.

Click on the Merged layer to activate (not the copy of merged)
Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique

Lower the opacity on “Copy of Merged” layer to 90.
Merge Visible and Re-name “BG”

Make the Tube layer active
Click on the Text Tool:
(Set stroke & fill colors to 2 different colours from your tube)
Settings: Vector, Stroke 1, Anti-Alias checked.

Stretch out text to make it bigger in height, when happy convert to raster.

Selections > Select All
Selections > Float

Go to Effects > Plugins > Flaming Pear > Super Blade Pro
Choose a preset that compliments your text.

Selections > Select None

Go to Effects > Plugins > Eye Candy 3 > Inner Bevel (Shiny Preset)
Settings: Width = 20, Shape = Rounded, Smoothness = 4, Depth = 33, Brightness = 100,
Sharpness = 100, Direction = 135, Inclination = 45

Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Settings: H = 3, V = 4, Opacity = 50, Blur = 5.16, Color = Black

Activate the Crop Tool and chose “Merged Opaque”. Click the Tick on the tool bar.
Save as .JPEG and you’re finished!

Antique Eye was originally written for a community on MSN Groups called Designing Friendships which was managed by Tyleress, Dolphin Princezz, myself & Korelyia then published on when Micro$hit pulled the plug on groups & chat.

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